About Me

I’m a UX Designer & Entrepreneur from New York, NY.

I'm passionate about using AR, Machine Learning, and emerging tech to make people’s lives more awesome. I cofounded 2 startups: Travalarm Inc, a smart journey planner application, and ContextGrid, a platform for creating a location-based augmented reality experiences.

ContextGrid has had the following successes:

Raised a preseed round with Keith Teare, Cofounder of TechCrunch & Europe's first Internet service, and General Catalyst.

Went though Techcode, Artificial Intelligence Accelorator Program.

Outside of ContextGrid, I've designed experiences for a handful of  startups and enterprise B2B corpations in the social media, marketing, pharma, retail, and events spaces.

Some of these Brands include:

How Did I Get Here?

I’m a Self-taught :)

Intrigued by Psychology, I started my career as a copywriter at Inked Magazine

I got to write some really cool articles and interview some really cool people, but something was missing. So I started freelancing in tech.

I was heavily involved in writing content strategies for startups like Yep!, Pure App, and R2L. I loved looking at our audience and coming up with user-centered strategies, but I still wasn't satisfied, but I realized something very important:

I didn't just want to create copy. I wanted to create the experience.

I wanted to help people by solving big problems, and I wanted to do it through software.

 Then, I took a calculated risk.

I quit my job, moved back into my parents house on Long Island, and spent 3 months locked in my room learning EVERYTHING I could about User Experience Design. 

In that time, I read tons of books and took every online course I could find, including:

Steve Krug, Don't Make Me Think
Jeff Gothelf, Lean UX (My Bible)
Jake Knapp, The Sprint Book
Jeff Johnson, Designing With the Mind in Mind
James Kalbach, Mapping Experiences

When I'm Not Working

I'm a signed singer-songwriter and avid skateboarder.

My main project is Charles Bordeaux. In past years, my trippy pop music has played on radio in Buffalo, NY, Germany, and is pushed to every major music platform available. It's also been featured on major music publications like birp.fm and Pitchfork.

Here's my albums for each band/project I've worked on over the past couple years. Enjoy!

The following albums are also available on Spotify.